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Commercial Connectivity

NWCC-ADAPTER for Commercial Tankless


Supercharge your property management by having full visibility of all your heaters across multiple properties and locations.

Eliminate Downtime

Keep your business up and running with alerts that remind you when your tankless needs service. With maintenance alerts you can stay ahead of the curve.

Reduce Service Visits

Don’t waste time checking on locations that don’t need attention. With Commercial Connect you can focus on what matters.

Maintenance Alerts

Get notified by email or text when a heater needs your attention so you can maintain maximum uptime.

See It All. Know It All

The NEW Noritz NWCC Commercial WIFI Adapter allows business owners and contractors to take full control of their tankless system. It will have exciting new features: Site-specific notifications, alerts sent directly to you, service alarms, multi-site monitoring, troubleshooting, and more! Available on both iOS and Android.

Keep Tabs on What Matters

Visibility across all your properties or locations.

With the NWCC-Adapter you can keep track of your Noritz Commercial installation over the internet. Whether it’s one site or multiple sites, the organized dashboard and alarm system will keep you updated when you need to know.


Custom Logic-Based Alarms

Customize when you want to get a preventative alarm to your preference. Not sure what you want to set it at? We’ve provided you default templates you can tweak so you can choose alarms you want to get via text or email.

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Is Greater Than "100"

Organize and Conquer

With the Commercial dashboard you can maintain your internal organization structure. Setup users and dashboards based off hierarchy and control who can see what.

Filter and Find

Sift through information fast and effectively with custom dashboard setups and filter by the information you want to know.

Want to see only the heaters with errors? Or perhaps you want to see only the heaters in a certain territory or district.


NWCC-Adapter Installation Manual