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Why Noritz

Noritz partners exclusively with our professional network in the sales and installation of Noritz tankless water heaters. As wholesalers, contractors and homebuilders, you are the face of Noritz to our valued homeowners and commercial water heater customers. Our goal is to empower you with the highest quality tankless hot water heaters available at superior value.

The advantages of Noritz include

Noritz University (NRU) – Noritz offers different levels of tankless classes, ensuring you to be the most skilled contractors in the industry.


Noritz PROCard Program – Noritz strives to build and improve working relationships with our network contractors. To find out more information about our PROCard Program, click here.


Installation Made Easy – Once trained, professionals may easily install a Noritz tankless water heater. Additionally, Noritz offers all the venting and accessories needed for the job.

Longer lasting – Our tankless heaters are extremely durable, require little maintenance and are supported with one of the best warranties in the tankless industry.


Quality and craftsmanship – Noritz is confident in its craftsmanship. That means it requires
minimal service from you to your customers.


Advanced Technical Support – At Noritz, tankless water heaters is all we do. Noritz technical
support delivers quick and efficient information to you with any aspect of installation and service.